Title: CICS Production/Certification Support Analyst

Job Number: 2578

Location: Seattle, WA

Job Description

Participate as an oncall analyst for the multi-region CICS Freight Online Control and Update System (FOCUS). The primary responsibility of the FOCUS oncall analyst is to help insure high FOCUS availability by managing the FOCUS and FOCUS look alike CERTification environments. Typically the FOCUS oncall analyst will have a week of oncall every fourth week. The analyst will have been responsible for building and maintaining the CERTification system the week prior to his/her oncall week. Because new and changed applications migrate through the CERTification system into the production FOCUS system this ensures that the oncall analyst has some familiarity with the latest test changes. The FOCUS oncall analyst is expected to be able to analyze and manage (with whatever other support help that the ONCALL ANALYST determines is necessary) any problem with FOCUS. Often the management of the problem is the primary activity of the FOCUS oncall analyst. The ability to diagnose the source of a problem and to work with other experts at any hour of the day or night to solve the problem on the mission critical FOCUS system is always an intense but often a rewarding experience. Knowledge of CICS internals, operations, configuration and tools (MRO, DTR, CEDA, FILE, CECI, CEMT, CEDF, ABENDAID, AFCS, Mainview, etc.) is constantly used in this position. The ability to help design systems/applications is a demand of this position. The analyst will be involved in the installation and testing of all new and upgraded vendor software including CICS, AFCS, ABENDAID and INTERTEST. Application software is frequenty reviewed for adherence to standards and compatibility with FOCUS architecture.

Minimum Requirements

Desired Skills and Experience

Note: Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States

For more information, please reference job number and contact:

Email: [email protected]
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