Airborne Information and Technology Services (ITS)
- Seattle, WA

Getting over a million shipments per day from point A to point B overnight requires more than planes, trains, or trucks. It takes highly sophisticated, innovative Information Technology systems that provide real-time access to the entire worldwide transportation process. However at Airborne Express we believe itís people, not technology alone thatís the critical factor. Our team of more than 300 ITS professionals partners with our customers to create innovative, enterprising solutions that make a difference to our customersí bottom line.

Recognizing excellence and individual accomplishment, our focus is to develop new skills through challenging assignments, ongoing training, and a stimulating work environment. Take a look at where we are and where weíre going!

Current Environments Future Environments
IBM 9021-9X2/Amdahl 5995M-5570 Sysplex Architecture
Worldwide Data Network Fully Integrated Data Network
HP-UX, Windows NT/Novell Servers Gateway and Config Automation
Internet/Intranet Web Sites Expanded Internet/Intranet Development
C++, Oracle, Visual Basic Object-Oriented Development

As the fastest growing air express carrier in the U.S., we offer our employees opportunities to enhance their technical career, today and into the 21st Century. You're invited to explore these opportunities with Airborne Express.

Information and Technology Services currently has the following open positions

Job# 2203 COBOL Software Developer For Marketing Division
Job# 2275 Turbo Pascal Software Developer
Job# 2318 Mainframe Capacity Planning Analyst
Job# 2298 Unix/C Software Developer
Job# 2455 Development Center CICS Consultant
Job# 2543 Manager Production Support
Job# 2544 Manager Application Production Support
Job# 2551 UNIX Administrator/Distributed Systems Software Analyst
Job# 2545 UNIX Administrator/Distributed Systems Software Analyst
Job# 2570 Network Operations Technician
Job# 2578 CICS Production/Certification Support Analyst
Job# 2517 Manager, Application Development (Customer Service)
Job# 2584 Production Management Analyst
Job# 2603 COBOL Software Developer For Payroll
Job# 2605 COBOL Developer For Marketing/Customer Automation
Job# 2608 COBOL Software Developer For International Express
Job# 2606 Wireless Communication Analyst
Job# 2607 Wireless Services Technician
Job# 2536 Market Information Analyst

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