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SEATTLE -- April 17, 1996
Airborne Express has expanded its network of fully owned international (country) operations with the announcement today of the purchase of 100 percent of its Scotland operations from its former service partner.

"This move is part of Airborne's ongoing resolve to provide our customers with the strongest operations available in every international market," said Airborne Vice President of Europe, South Africa and the Middle East John Birds. "In Scotland, it means full-time commitment of Airborne's financial resources."

Scotland, with a population exceeding five million people, is seen as having tremendous growth opportunities, particularly in the high tech industry. Scotland's own version of Silicon Valley, referred to as the Central Belt (an area stretching between Glasgow and Edinburgh), is under development and is currently home to more than 500 companies employing more than 52,000 people. Airborne sees this economic expansion, coupled with its increased commitment of resources to Scotland, as a means to grow their domestic business.

With offices in Glasgow and Prestwick, Airborne Express Scotland currently employs 15 people and offers a full range of international shipping services including: express, freight, ocean, logistics and customs brokerage as well as intra-Scotland same-day and overnight express service. The full Airborne ownership will bring additions to the Scotland-based sales force and a focus on growing the inbound and outbound express business.

Customers shipping to and from Scotland will have full access to Airborne's FOCUS communications system (Freight On-line Control and Update System), which provides worldwide, on-line, real-time computer tracking and tracing. This service is invaluable to importers and exporters who need to know where their shipments are at any given time for duty and insurance purposes.

As for future Airborne moves on the international front, Birds said, "Airborne will continue to concentrate on strategic alliances available through offshore service partners when it makes sound business and economic sense." Birds added, "However, as in the case of Scotland, there are times when full-ownership allows Airborne to best serve the needs of our customers. You can expect more announcements like this one in the future."


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