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SEATTLE -- March 6, 1997
Airborne Express today announced the offering of a new, complete, customs brokerage capability named Airborne Brokerage Services (ABS).

ABS will be dedicated solely to Airborne customers' brokerage needs at all United States customs ports and throughout Canada, offering support at all major Airborne international gateways and from six regional offices, in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta. ABS will provide a full range of customs brokerage services, including anything from routine shipment entry work to much more involved services like duty drawback and quota processing.

"We think this is an exciting addition to our international services," said Charlie Ogle, General Manager of Airborne Ocean Services, who will also oversee Airborne Brokerage Services operations. "The combinations are virtually limitless," Ogle continued. "With brokerage in the mix, it's no exaggeration to say that Airborne can offer business customers broader expertise, greater flexibility, better customer service and higher value at lower cost than any other carrier. It's an important part of our international strategy, because brokerage services and ocean freight are among the fastest growing segments of our industry."

Airborne Brokerage Services will operate in partnership with Ontario, Canada-based Peace Bridge Brokerage Limited (PBB), the second largest customs broker in Canada and the seventh largest entry filer in the U.S. PBB, with over 50 years of experience, has established the new service as a division of its U.S. subsidiary.

"Under the Customs Modernization Act, importers face penalties if they fail to exercise 'reasonable care' in the conduct of their customs business. Because Airborne Brokerage Services has expert knowledge of taxes, duties, import laws and countless other details related to the customs process," Ogle explained, "we can help customers avoid a lot of pitfalls, and limit their liability under the new Act."

Airborne Express is a leading example of the trend toward integration of services in the shipping industry. The company already operates the only privately-owned U.S. Trade Zone at its Wilmington, Ohio hub. Airborne international air freight and express services, Ocean Services, Airborne Logistics Services and Airborne's "same-day" urgent delivery subsidiary, Sky Courier, are all offered in conjunction with Airborne's overnight, and second-day services.

For more than 50 years, Airborne Express has served shipping needs of business customers around the world. Today, Airborne offers total distribution solutions by providing time-sensitive delivery of documents, letters, small packages and freight to virtually every U.S. ZIP code and more than 200 countries. Customers can select from a variety of services including same-day, next-morning, next-afternoon or second-day delivery, ocean service and logistics management.


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