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SEATTLE -- November 13, 1998
The first of twelve Boeing 767-200 cargo jets scheduled for delivery over the next two years—the first ever to be converted from a passenger configuration under a special FAA type rating—officially entered service for Airborne Express at Los Angeles International Airport today.

Executives of Walt Disney, Nestle, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Nissan, and many other corporate customers of Airborne in the Los Angeles region attended dedication ceremonies at Airborne’s LAX facility.

Kent Freudenberger, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, at Airborne, told the crowd that the addition of the wide-body 767s to the fleet will not only save money but increase capacity, decrease operating costs, and better serve customers. "Today marks an important milestone in Airborne’s history," said Freudenberger. "It’s a sign of increasing customer satisfaction with Airborne as our shipment volume continues to increase, and proof that we’re committed to meeting our customers’ rising expectations."

John Feren, Vice President, The Americas for the Boeing Company, told the assembled corporate officials that the 767-200 will deliver a 35% increase in cargo-carrying capability for Airborne, compared with the carrier’s primary workhorse, the DC-8.

"The 767-200 is a testament to Airborne’s commitment to customer satisfaction, and we are very pleased to be in partnership with them on this historic occasion," said Feren. "The aircraft is a perfect fit for Airborne’s rigorous shipping demands, and far exceeds even the most stringent international standards being considered for both emissions and noise."

Boeing assigned an engineer to assist Triad International Maintenance Corp. (TIMCO) and Airborne to convert the aircraft at TIMCO’s facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. The significant structural modifications, including design, fabrication and installation of high-strength floor beams, required strict FAA oversight and approval. The first conversion took almost a year to complete, but conversion time for subsequent jets is expected to reduce to just a few months.

The first 767-200 to enter the Airborne fleet will service the Los Angeles/Long Beach area. Subsequent jets will be assigned primarily to Airborne’s longest domestic routes between west coast cities and its hub in Wilmington. The aircraft’s operating cost will be 14 percent less than other popular cargo jets.

Celebrating 50 years of providing shipping and logistics solutions for business, Airborne Express continues to be a leader in the transportation industry. Airborne serves the air express, air freight, ocean freight and international mail needs of corporate customers across the U.S. and in more than 200 countries. Airborne offers same-day, next-day, next-afternoon and second-day delivery and central, regional, and international warehousing.

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