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International Service Conditions
(Including Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands)

International Express Services
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These service conditions are in addition to and take precedence over those listed in International Service Conditions.
A. This applies to International Express Services rules, regulations and charges applicable only to shipments that comply with the door-to-door document and package programs.
B. If a shipment is found to contain a commodity that does not comply with the International Express Programs, it will be rated in accordance with the international rates found in A.F.C. No. 60, issued by Airborne Freight Corporation.
C. Containers must be loaded by the sender and unloaded by the receiver.
D. Unless otherwise indicated by the sender, all customs charges, taxes and duties, if any, will be billed to the receiver. If the receiver fails to pay the customs charges, taxes, and duties, the sender shall be held liable. If items are shipped which are not eligible to be shipped under this tariff, then the sender will be responsible for all duties, clearance costs, customs penalties and any other charges that may result.
E. If the sender requests to be billed for customs charges, taxes and duties, the service charge is $15 USD. This service is available on a limited basis.
F. A $5 USD per shipment service charge will apply on outbound International Express shipments when the paying party omits their account number on shipments which qualify for a discount.
G. The liability of Airborne Express shall be limited to $100 USD for an International Letter Express shipment.
H. The maximum shipment valuation for declared value and Asset Protection on a package shipment left for pickup at an Airborne Express deposit station location (Drop Box) shall be $5,000 USD. This is subject to limits of destination country. Contact your local Airborne Express office for information on individual country limits. Any amount in excess of the foregoing limits shall be ineffective.
I. Collect service is available on a limited basis. If the receiver fails to pay the collect charges, the sender shall be held liable. Transit times do not apply to collect shipments.
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An advance destination charge of $15 USD per shipment will be assessed for delivery to beyond points. Please call 1-800-ABX-INTL (1-800-229-4685) or your local station for further information.
1. NON-APO SHIPMENTS: Shipments addressed to military bases must include a contact name and phone number. If a shipment does not include these items, it will be delivered to the gate.
2. APO SHIPMENTS: Shipments addressed to an APO address move as domestic shipments. Refer to the domestic tariff for rules and regulations.
If the sender incorrectly declares the contents of a dutiable shipment as non-dutiable, Airborne Express will assess an additional $25 USD charge. This charge will be in addition to all other transportation charges, service fees and penalties that may be assessed by airlines.
These are in addition to the items listed under " Acceptability of Shipments For Carriage":
1. Shipments having a declared value for Customs in excess of $50,000 USD, or less, if the amount is restricted by destination country. Contact your local Airborne Express office for information on individual country limits.
2. Shipments that are accorded Assembly or Distribution Service.
3. Any shipment which may require a U.S. or international government entity to sign documentation before export or import, such as carnet, temporary import bond or license.
4. Any shipment which may require the receiver to obtain an import permit.
5. C.O.D. shipments.
6. Shipments containing any of the following:
" Cosmetics.
" *Drugs, any prohibited by law.
" Firearms, weaponry and parts thereof.
" *Foodstuffs, non-perishable, feed or edible material intended for consumption by humans or animals.
" Gambling devices.
" Ice, dry ice, wet ice.
" Ivory (processed or unprocessed).
" *Liquor.
" Perishables.
" Pornography.
" Personal effects.
" Precious metals; stones; jewelry.
" *Tobacco.
* These items may be carried with prior arrangement on a case-by-case basis. Contact Airborne Express for details.
7. Hazardous materials or Dangerous Goods shipments listed in the Dangerous Goods Regulations issued by the International Air Transport Association.
8. Individual piece size is limited to 8 oz. for Letter Express Envelope and 70 lbs. for documents and packages and dimensions of 62 inches in length or 108 inches in length plus girth. Further restrictions may apply by destination country. There is no maximum total shipment weight for International Express documents or packages.
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