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Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) Shipments
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Collect on delivery (C.O.D.) service will be provided by Airborne Express subject to the following conditions:
1. It shall be the sole responsibility of sender to enter the amount of the C.O.D. on the airbill or Sender's Letter of Instruction in the senders C.O.D. box provided. Airborne Express shall not be liable for failure to collect the C.O.D. amount when it is not so entered by sender. All C.O.D. amounts shall be stated in U.S. dollars and shall be payable by the receiver in U.S. dollars.
2. The letters "C.O.D." shall be legibly marked by sender on each package next to sender's and receiver's name and address, the number of pieces in the shipment, and the total amount of the C.O.D. to be collected from the receiver.
3. The C.O.D. amount will be collected by Airborne Express on delivery; no privilege of examination or trial will be given prior to collection thereof; and the shipment or any part of it will not be delivered unless and until the total amount of C.O.D. is paid to Airborne Express or its agent.
4. For collecting and remitting the amount of the C.O.D., sender will be charged a service fee of $.03 USD per $1 USD or fraction thereof of the actual C.O.D. amount, subject to a minimum C.O.D. charge of $7.50 USD per shipment. An alteration fee of $10 USD will be assessed when the sender instructs Airborne Express to increase, decrease, or cancel a C.O.D. The alteration fee will be in addition to the C.O.D. service fee (if any).
5. C.O.D. pieces will not be accepted on the same airbill with pieces not moving C.O.D. Only pieces covered by one C.O.D. bill will be accepted on one airbill.
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6. Airborne Express shall refuse to accept C.O.D. shipments when regulations of the country of departure and/or destination prevent the conversion of funds into other currencies or the transfer of funds to other countries. Information on the availability of C.O.D. service may be obtained from offices and representatives of Airborne Express.
7. Payment by the receiver may be made by certified check, cashier's check, or money order at receiver's option. Any instruction on the airbill by the sender which purports to limit the method of payment by the receiver shall be invalid. Airborne Express' sole responsibility shall be to secure the payment and exercise due care and reasonable diligence in forwarding it to the sender.
8. The disposition of refused or unclaimed C.O.D. shipments may be arranged by the sender in the following manner:
9. By instructions placed on airbill at time of shipment.
10. By written order to Airborne Express at origin.
11. Sender shall be responsible for all transportation charges associated with such disposition.
12. C.O.D. service, including freight charges, is not available between the United States and Canada.
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