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International Service Conditions
(Including Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands)

Lien On Shipments
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1. Airborne Express shall have a lien on the shipment, so long as the shipment remains in its possession, for all amounts due to Airborne Express in connection with the shipment.
2. Airborne Express' lien may be enforced by public or private sale of the shipment, as a whole or in parcels, at any time or place and on any terms which are commercially reasonable, after notifying all persons known to Airborne Express as claiming any interest in the shipment. Before any sale, a person claiming a right in the shipment may pay the amount necessary to satisfy the lien and the reasonable expenses incurred in its enforcement. Airborne Express may buy at any public sale. Airborne Express may satisfy its lien from the proceeds from any sale and shall hold the balance, if any, for delivery on demand to the person entitled thereto. A sale of any shipment pursuant to this Condition shall not discharge the sender or receiver from any liability to pay any deficiencies.
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