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WILMINGTON, Ohio -- Sept. 11, 1995 -- Airborne Express has formed Airborne Alliance Group, a team of five companies that provides a wide range of customized outsourcing services for businesses looking to cut costs and respond more quickly to customers and market changes.

Strategically located at Airborne's main domestic air hub in Wilmington, Ohio, the Alliance provides around-the-clock expertise in logistics and inventory management; telemarketing and front-office support and information; repair, customization and technical services; distribution logistics; and custom priority national and international delivery.

Members of the Alliance, each considered a leader in its field, include:

"The Alliance can virtually run your company for you by expertly handling such critical areas as logistics, telemarketing, technical support, distribution and transportation," said Ken McCumber, vice president and general manager of Airborne's Advanced Logistics Services. "The Alliance's services will help businesses free up more time and resources so they can focus on what they do best, such as research and development, manufacturing and sales."

The Alliance takes advantage of the re-engineering and downsizing trends in business. "The Alliance enables companies to tap rapidly changing markets, respond quickly to unusual or short-term requirements, and offer their customers more choices and better service," McCumber said. "In short, we're helping businesses turn fixed costs into variable costs."

Alliance customers, which include high-tech startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, can use a single service or combination of services. The Alliance can customize and adapt its services as a particular customer grows and changes, or develop a complete turnkey operation for a customer.


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