Airborne Express In The News

07/28/97 Airborne Freight Corporation Reports Second Quarter 1997 Results
07/25/97 New Internet Address Offered by Airborne Express
07/23/97 Mobile Data Translates to Customer Benefit at Airborne Express
06/02/97 Fuel Surcharge Canceled by Airborne Express
05/27/97 Award Honors Airborne Express Service
05/08/97 Airborne Express Now Offers Saturday Delivery in Anchorage
05/01/97 Airborne Express Receives Business Consumer Guide Recommendation for Third Straight Year
04/21/97 Airborne Freight Corporation Reports First Quarter 1997 Results
04/08/97 Airborne Express Adds New Houston Facility
03/11/97 Airborne Express Finalizes South Africa Joint Venture
03/06/97 Airborne Express Offers New Brokerage Service
03/03/97 Airborne Express Launches PC-Based Shipping Software
02/03/97 Airborne Freight Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End Results
01/21/97 Airborne Express Relocates Orange County Operation
01/20/97 Airborne Express Opens New Facility In New Hampshire
12/20/96 Airborne Express Announces Joint Venture in the Netherlands
12/19/96 Airborne Express Expands Middle East Relationship
10/28/96 Airborne Freight Corporation Reports Third Quarter 1996 Results
9/10/96 National Survey Ranks Airborne Express Tops For Improved Customer Service
7/15/96 Airborne Express Introduces Shipment Tracking On The Internet
5/14/96 Airborne Express Announces New Member Elected To Board Of Directors
4/17/96 Airborne Express Announces Full Ownership Of Scotland Operations
4/5/96 Customers Save 30 Percent Using Airborne Express' International Mail
3/26/96 Postal Code New Route to Happiness for Airborne Express International Customers
3/19/96 R. J. Reynolds Awards Airborne Express for Superior Service
3/16/96 Airborne Express Expands Ocean Freight Operations
3/12/96 Airborne Express Announces South Africa Joint Venture
2/1/96 Airborne Express Celebrates 50th Anniversary
1/17/96 Airborne Express Introduces New Customer-Friendly Software Tools
12/28/95 Airborne Contracts to Buy Boeing 767-200s
12/18/95 Universal Pictures Becomes Fourth Major Studio Using Airborne's Innovative Delivery System
11/15/95 Airborne Express Achieves Milestone -- Tops One Million Shipments per Day
11/6/95 National Instruments Selects Airborne Express and ALS to Handle European Accounts
9/11/95 Airborne Express Forms Alliance to Help Businesses Cut Costs, Respond Quicker to Customers
9/6/95 Airborne Express Opens Nation's Largest Privately Funded Runway
4/20/95 Airborne Express and ALS Reduce Telephone Coordination For Digital's Computer Repair By 60 Percent
4/13/95 Airborne Express Welcomes Same-Day Competition
2/21/95 Airborne Express Introduces Service to American Samoa
2/6/95 Airborne Express Implements First U.S. - Canada Computerized Shipping Link
9/13/94 Airborne Express Begins Overnight Delivery to Puerto Rico
8/2/94 Airborne/ALS Introduce International Partner: Take International Service to New Heights

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