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Special Services and Handling Options
Unique and innovative options for added convenience:

Send express shipments within the contiguous United States at a moment's notice. Flight-Ready Express prepurchased Letters and Packs are quick, easy and convenient with no expiration date, no airbill, no weight limit and no account number needed. All come with built-in shipping labels and the same delivery guarantee as Overnight Air Express Service. Call 1-800-426-2323, ext. 2244 to order Flight-Ready Express letters and packs.
When your business can't take the weekend off, Airborne offers Saturday pickup and delivery within most major U.S. and international metropolitan areas. Call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676) for details and special arrangements.
Can't wait for your normal morning delivery? Arrange for pickup at the Airborne terminal by simply marking a large, bold "X" in the "Hold at Airborne" box on your airbill.
Ship vital bodily fluid shipments safely and securely with Airborne's Lab Pack, an industry innovation. Lab Pack is a durable, leak-proof package with tamper evident closure and unbroken chain of custody from pickup to delivery.
Did you know that hair spray is a hazardous material shipment which requires special handling? Call the Hazardous Materials Specialist at your local Airborne Express office or call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676) to find out what's hazardous, what's not and how to avoid delays and penalties.
When specialized expertise is required to transport your cargo, Airborne's Aircraft Charter Service is always available. Solve your large (or small) shipping challenges by chartering a U.S. or international flight any day of the week. For more information, call 1-800-FR8-FLYT (1-800-378-3598).
Additional Information
To find out more about Airborne's Special Services, call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676) or see the Airborne Express U.S. Service Guide.
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