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How To Ship with Airborne Express
How to Get Started
Call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676) and we'll do the rest. We can open your account. Send you free shipping supplies. Schedule your packages for pickup. And more. Most important, our professionals can help you select the most time- and cost-effective shipping options, giving you maximum value for your shipping dollar.

Open an Account and Save Up to 38%
Open an account with Airborne Express and you can save up to 38% on your overnight express shipments alone. You'll receive our best shipping value, including special rates and exceptional service. Call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676).

To Order FREE Shipping Supplies...
Call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676). Supplies are designed to make shipping convenient and include airbills, envelopes, boxes and tubes. Shipping today? Call early and your pickup driver can bring you whatever you need.

A Few Simple Steps to Expedited Delivery
1. Open an account and save up to 38%.
You'll receive free shipping supplies, free pickup, 24-hour customer service and much more. Call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676).

2. Choose your delivery service.
See U.S. Services or International Services for details.

3. Fill and seal your package.
Be sure to use appropriate packaging for your shipment. For free supplies, call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676).

4. Complete and attach your airbill.
To order airbills preprinted with your company name, address, billing reference and Airborne account number, call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676).

5. Get your shipment to Airborne.
Choose from these four options:
Arrange for pickup
In the U.S. call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676), enter your Airborne account number, the total number of packages, and the weight of each package.
Use a Drop Box
For the drop box nearest you, use the Drop Box Locator or call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676).
Bring your package to us
For the latest possible drop-off, bring your package to any Airborne terminal. For locations, call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676).
6. Track your shipment.
Determine the status of your shipment online by accessing the Airborne System Tracker, or by calling 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676).
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