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10:30 Urgent A.M. Guarantee and
Ground Delivery Service by Airborne Express
Announcing two new additions to the Airborne transportation portfolio: 10:30 Urgent A.M. Guarantee and Ground Delivery Service by Airborne Express. Combined with our other service offerings - eCourier, same day, overnight air express, next afternoon, second day, @home, international air express and freight, ocean freight, and logistics - Airborne now has one of the most comprehensive service portfolios in the shipping industry.
For more than 50 years, Airborne has delivered quality service at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. With both 10:30 Urgent A.M. Guarantee and Ground Delivery Service, you'll continue to receive the same level of professional support and cost-effective pricing you've come to expect from Airborne Express.
10:30 Urgent A.M. Guarantee
Although the majority of our overnight air express deliveries are accomplished by 10:30 a.m., now you can choose to upgrade the guarantee from 12:00 noon to 10:30 a.m. with our new 10:30 Urgent A.M. Guarantee delivery service. All you have to do is simply process your shipment as a Next Morning delivery, and then place a special 10:30 Urgent A.M. Guarantee label on the package. If we don't deliver your package by 10:30 a.m., we automatically delete the upgrade fee. In fact it won't even appear on your bill. It's that simple. No phone call to adjust invoices or track down supporting documents - no hassles - guaranteed!
10:30 Urgent A.M. Guarantee service is not available to all ZIP codes. Please use the U.S. Service and Zone Calculator to determine the availability at your shipment's destination.
For further information please call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676) or email [email protected].
Ground Delivery Service by Airborne Express
Our new Ground Delivery Service (GDS) is the cost-effective choice for routine deliveries. A reliable door-to-door shipping option, GDS guarantees delivery of your packages in 1 to 5 days depending on the distance traveled. GDS is tightly integrated within the existing Airborne delivery network. Pickup and delivery by the same drivers and tracking by the same state-of-the-art system that currently handle your air express shipments.
To determine the guaranteed delivery time for your GDS shipment, please use the U.S. Service and Zone Calculator. Or view a map of GDS transit times from your ZIP code.
During this introductory period, Ground Delivery Service is available to customers on a pre-approval basis only. To begin using Ground Delivery Service, please contact your local Airborne sales representative, call 1-800-AIRBORNE (1-800-247-2676) or email [email protected].
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